The 2nd INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM – IGRS’23 will be held online at ITU on 16-18 May 2023 by ITU Graduate School. ITU MIAM is in the symposium program with 15 presentations from faculty members and students. Faculty members are also leading 3 different sessions as chair. Please check below for details about the presentations:

Day 02 – 17.05.2023 Wednesday

Session IV/E – Musicology – (09:30 – 11:00)

Chair: Emmanouil Ekmektsoglou

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İrem Ece Gülensoy – Case Study: The Using of Sound by Female Directors in Turkish Independent Cinema

Akif Yunus Belgin – How can the analysis of Marvin Smith’s drum solo on “Song For Soweto” be utilized as a study for jazz drummers?

Cenk Bonfil – Third Stream Music: The Anatomy of a Hybrid Musical Style

Şükran Gökçe Türkoğlu – Representation of Sound Synthesis in Textural Music Composition

Session V/E – Musicology – (11:30 – 13:00)

Chair: Robert Oliver Beahrs

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Amy T. Salsgiver & Emmanouil Ekmektsoglou – One Piece, Generated Many Ways: Modalities of Notation in Compositional Practice

Nedim Güvenç – Pink Floyd: The Place of the Band in Progressive Rock

Aida Pulake Altınbüken – Violin Kaba in Folk Music of Albania: Musical Structure and Performance Practice

Zeynep Büşra Eldem & E. Şirin Özgün Tanır – “Whose voice is heard?” A Comparative Study on Lulu: Alban Berg and Olga Neuwirth

Aslı Kobaner & E. Şirin Özgün Tanır – Creativity as Criticism of Sound:  Contemporary Art Music as a Critical Practice

Session V/E – Musicology – (13:30 – 15:00)

Chair: Paul Whitehead

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Aslı Balâ Aşkan – Influences of urban soundscape on the noise perception

Barış Demirezer & Yelda Özgen Öztürk – The Symphonie Concertante and the Historical Development in the 18th Century

Konstantinos Vasilakos – Intelligent Behemoths: an Occultist’s Approach on Technological Mediated Audience Participation

Deniz Ünsal – Comparison of Different Music Mixing Approaches for Dolby Atmos

Danai Palaka & Mehmet Cevdet Erek – Comprehension of Karsilama Rhythm through Practice Based Research and Drum Kit Adaptations

Day 03 – 18.05.2023 Thursday

Session XI/F – Architectural Design – (16:00 – 17:30)

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Abdulfettah Salih Gaferoğlu & Mehmet Cevdet Erek – Spatiality in Sound Installations: Evolution, Historical Landmarks, Criticism